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Traumatic brain injuries are among some of the most devastating that a person can suffer. An injury to the brain can affect your ability to perform basic tasks, reduce your intellectual capacity, and even change your personality and remove your memories.

The long-term rehabilitation costs related to brain damage are often enormous, and all too often insurance covers only a small part of the expense.

If you or a loved one has suffered this kind of injury, you need to speak with experienced catastrophic injury lawyers who have handled these types of cases before. Tampa Bay traumatic brain injury attorneys can help you understand your options and put you on a path toward compensation and justice.

Type of Accidents

Some common examples of the accidents that typically cause traumatic brain injuries are:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Diving accidents where the victim’s head hits the bottom of a swimming pool
  • Falling out of a window
  • Tripping on an uneven floor or sidewalk
  • Loss of oxygen to the brain during a medical procedure
  • High intensity sports

In some cases, the symptoms of a serious brain injury do not immediately show themselves. However, once they appear, they can have an enormously disruptive impact on a person’s life. Anyone who suffers a significant blow or jolt to the head is at risk.

At Risk Individuals

Children and older people are at a particular risk for this sort of injury. Small children’s skulls may not be completely formed yet, leaving them at risk for brain damage.

Students who play football and other sports involving rough collisions of the players are at significant risk for concussions. We are only now learning all the lifelong effects football-related concussions can cause.

Studies show that older people have less cognitive “reserve” to compensate for the impact of a traumatic brain injury. They are at greater risk for various consequences, including subdural hemorrhage*.

If you or a loved one have faced one of these life-changing injuries, contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Tampa today.

Brain injuries caused by swimming pools accidents and drownings

Swimming can also lead to brain injuries. A person who survives a drowning incident involving loss of oxygen can be left with brain damage that can devastate a family, both financially and emotionally. Striking one’s head on the bottom of a pool can also cause terrible damage. Operators of swimming pools have a duty to clearly indicate how deep the pool is and which sections of it, if any, are safe for diving.

Property owners are also liable for slip and fall accidents on their premises. Invitees and social guests typically are found to be deserving of the highest standard of care, since in both cases the premises owners specifically asked them to come onto the property.

Potential Compensation

There are various kinds of damages victims and their families can win. They can be compensated not only for the medical bills – which are often astronomical in traumatic brain injury cases – but also for lost income and emotional pain and suffering.

Evidence is crucial – medical examinations, photographs of the accident scene, eyewitness testimony. Experienced Tampa traumatic brain injury attorneys know how to gather such evidence and present it as part of the strongest possible case for damages.

Contact an Attorney Today

The longer you wait, the harder it may be to gather critical evidence for the case to be successful. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, you should contact a brain injury attorney in Tampa as soon as possible.

*Collection of blood outside the brain from severe head injuries. More on WebMD