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Litigation Attorney

David D. Neiser

In the practice of law, experience counts, and David brings more than 30 years of working in the area of personal injury and insurance law to every case. In 2001, David obtained his board certification in Civil Trial Law [ Florida Bar Board Certification ] from the Florida Bar. “Evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise”, board certification is the Florida Bar’s “Legal Expert” status and is the highest level of recognition by the Florida Bar concerning the competency and learning of attorneys in the area in which certification is granted by the Florida Supreme Court. As a Florida Bar Certified Trial Lawyer, David is recognized by the Florida Bar as a specialist in the area of Civil Trial Law, which includes personal injury and insurance claims.

David’s motto “EXPERIENCExceptional” drives everything he does. For example, David works hard to “be responsive” to his clients, rather than just “generally available”. This means he proactively engages in conversation with every client on a regular basis to discuss their case and personally learn how each client is doing. He strives to develop a case strategy, theme and story that moves the case forward and justifies the verdict or positive result sought. David finds the facts that really matter and presents them to the jury in a simple and understandable way so that each juror can truly relate to the issues and facts that make up each case. While most cases settle before trial, David believes this approach provides significant benefits to his client, whether the case ultimately resolves by settlement or verdict.

David currently lives in Tarpon Springs with his wife, Jennifer. He has three adult children and three grandchildren, with whom he enjoys spending much of his personal time with. David graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, and Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida.