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Motorcycle crashes in Florida have increased significantly since 2001. While Florida’s tropical weather attracts motorcyclists from all over the world, and even though the Motorcycle Strategic Safety Plan was created, 18 percent of yearly traffic-related deaths in Florida still involve motorcycles. If you or a loved one was in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your damages and losses.

If a car or truck has an accident, the driver and passengers have a decent chance of survival because of the safety technology built into the frames of the vehicles. A motorcycle, on the other hand, leaves the riders very vulnerable and relatively unprotected. They can often be thrown from the motorcycle in accidents, and they are also more vulnerable to tipping over because they only have two wheels.

Our Clearwater car accident lawyers are prepared to put 40+ years’ experience on your side, offering the exceptional insights and dedication you need to pursue maximum compensation. We encourage you to learn more about your legal options through a motorcycle accident claim—schedule your free consultation with us today! En Español.

Your Rights Under Florida’s Motorcycle Insurance Law

Car insurance laws and motorcycle insurances laws are the same in most states, but in Florida, there are significant differences between the two. In Florida, drivers must have “Personal Injury Protection”, no-fault insurance that will compensate them regardless of who is to blame for the accident. These same insurance laws don’t apply to motorcycles. To receive fair compensation after a motorcycle accident, the crash must have caused:

  • Permanent, serious disfigurement
  • Serious impairment of a body function
  • Death

Motorcycle owners do have the option, however, of applying for uninsured motorist coverage UM. If you are in a motorcycle accident and the other driver doesn’t have insurance, then your UM might help you with lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

motorcyclye accident

Building a Motorcycle Accident Case

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, it is important to reach out to our firm as soon as possible. We can help you build a case from the ground up, but we can use your help in this process. From the onset, we encourage you to collect information as evidence, such as:

  • Photos of the scene of the accident
  • Photos of the damage to your bike and the other vehicles involved
  • Ask witnesses for their contact information
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with all other parties

Although you may still be in shock, it is important to seek medical attention at once. Not only will this improve your recovery, you will be able to use this as evidence in your case. In some cases, your injuries make take hours or days manifest themselves. Our Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneys can help you build a solid case based on the evidence of the accident.

What Qualifies for Compensation

If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you may be eligible for a monetary settlement to cover the costs of various damages that you may have suffered. Our Clearwater injury lawyers have the resources and experience to help you pursue compensation. We can fight for your rights and can fully handle your case. In addition, we begin each case by offering a free case evaluation!

After a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for:

  • Health-related treatment options
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical treatment costs
  • Restoration or replacement of vehicle
  • Reimbursement for personal rental car
  • Damages to cover lost wages
  • Repayment for upfront health costs

Common Causes of Clearwater Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists can sustain multiple fractures, head injuries, facial injuries, traumatic brain injuries, road rash, internal organ damage, spinal cord damage, and more when they get into a crash with another vehicle. These injuries are often caused by driver negligence, such as:

Distracted Driving

Some drivers can get distracted by various things while driving and cause a collision. They can lose control of the car, miss a stop, or turn, and crash into a motorcyclist. Distracted driving usually involves manual, visual, and cognitive distractions, such as texting or talking on a mobile phone, eating, looking at a navigation app or the scenery outside, and anything that makes a driver lose their concentration.


Drivers must always follow the speed limits to avoid hitting another road user. Speeding significantly makes it more difficult for a driver to make calculated turns and stop at traffic lights or stop signs, increasing the risk of colliding with a stopped or moving motorcycle or other vehicles.

Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption causes cognitive impairment that can make drivers go faster than the posted speed limits, lose control of the car, swerve unexpectedly, and disregard traffic rules. This is why drunk driving is illegal and causes catastrophic injuries and deaths.

Failing to Check Blind Spots

Before pulling out or changing lanes, drivers must always check their blind spots to avoid crashing into another vehicle. If a driver fails to do so, they may not notice a motorcyclist or another road user in the way.

Dooring Accidents

Dooring accidents happen when a driver fails to check for foot or vehicle traffic before opening their door. This can easily result in a driver striking a motorcyclist with the door and the motorcyclist falling off their bicycle, which can lead to various injuries, depending on the impact of the crash and how fast the motorcycle was moving.

How Our Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Serve You

Injured motorcyclists typically face a long and arduous battle after a motorcycle crash while they recover from their injuries, deal with the financial fallout of the accident, and handle discussions with the liable party’s insurance provider. Insurers tend to be biased against bikers and will attempt to blame them for accidents to avoid paying out proper compensation.

At Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, our seasoned Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneys are skilled at handling insurers that may attempt to take advantage of you when you are at your lowest and most vulnerable. They will work efficiently and quickly for you and your family while you dedicate all your energy and time to healing.

Our Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneys have the necessary experience and resources to handle even the most complicated motorcycle crashes. They will collect proper evidence to strengthen your claim, prove liability for your losses, and negotiate a settlement that will suffice for your damages. Our attorneys also are prepared to take the insurers to trial if necessary to secure the maximum compensation you deserve under the law.

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