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There were 5,598 reckless driving violations in the Sunshine State in 2020, and 456 of those violations occurred in Pinellas County. Reckless driving is not only dangerous to the driver but to all the other road users as well. It is also a criminal offense. In Florida, any individual who drives any motor vehicle in wanton or willful disregard for other individuals and their properties’ safety has committed reckless driving.

Put simply, reckless drivers act intentionally with purposeful indifference to the potential consequences that could be caused by their reckless actions. For example, reckless driving behaviors could include fleeing law enforcement officers, drag racing, speeding in traffic, and other erratic or dangerous driving patterns.

If you were hurt in a reckless driving accident, the St. Pete reckless driving accident attorneys of Tragos, Sartes, & Tragos will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Damages You Can Recover in a Reckless Driving Accident Case

Victims who have suffered injuries in a reckless driving accident might be entitled to recover non-economic and economic damages in an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the exact severity and nature of your injuries, you could recover:

Seeking Compensation for Reckless Driving Accident Damages

While our St. Pete reckless driving accident attorneys work on your case, you can focus all your attention on treating and healing from your serious injuries. Our attorneys will manage all the legal aspects of your reckless driving accident case and will:

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