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Accidents can result in serious injuries. You may require extensive surgery, therapy and other long-term treatments to recover from your catastrophic injuries, and even so you may never fully return to normal. Your insurance may not cover the full costs of your expenses. Combined with the pain you may endure in the process, a catastrophic injury could affect your future livelihood. Ensure your rights and entitlements are protected as you make a full recovery.

With the help of our skilled personal injury attorneys in Clearwater, you may be able to make smart decisions in the legal actions you take to recover the compensation you deserve. If your insurance policy is unable or unwilling to cover your expenses, take action! At the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, our Clearwater catastrophic injury lawyers handle a variety of complex personal injury matters, and we offer our clients exceptional legal abilities and resources. En Español.

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Catastrophic injuries that lead to paralysis or brain damage can be physically overwhelming for our clients and emotionally draining for their families. A long term implications associated with catastrophic injuries go far beyond that of a normal personal injury case. Our lawyers have personally handled some of the most high profiled and complicated catastrophic injury cases. Our firm has the resources necessary to protect our client’s rights during this life-changing time and we also have the experience to structure financial and medical resources to ensure that our clients and their families at the best possible future. When push comes to shove, you want us on your side.

Common Causes

Catastrophic injuries can occur in an instant without any warning. However, the effects of a catastrophic injury may last for months, or even years after an incident. After an accident, it is important to assess your injuries and determine the level of care you may need. Common catastrophic injuries include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and amputation.

These circumstances can result in permanent disability, a shortened life expectancy, and lasting medical conditions. Catastrophic injuries typically involve serious life changes and require long-term medical assistance. If you have questions about your injury and whether you are able to take action, speak with our knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyers in Clearwater about your options!

Expenses Covered by No-Fault Insurance

In the state of Florida, drivers insurance consists of two policies: Property Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). In an accident with other insured drivers, these policies automatically cover your own personal injuries and damages without needing to establish fault in the accident. These are known as no-fault benefits. Boating insurance and other similar policies in Florida may also be subject to no-fault benefits.

When you suffer a catastrophic accident in a car accident or similar situation where you may be eligible for no-fault benefits, remember that these policies only award you money up to a point. Depending on how serious the injury is, no-fault benefits may not be enough to cover the costs. Ensure you are aware of the full extent of your insurance protection, and whether your coverage will be able to compensate for all of the costs related to your injury.

Catastrophic Injury

Filing a Claim

When no-fault benefits do not cover your expenses, you may choose to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. However, determining who is responsible for the catastrophic injury can be difficult. You may need to gather evidence of the accident, including witness statements, in order to prove that the party was responsible for your injuries. This often requires a victim to establish negligence, which may include proving the following:

  • The party had a duty or responsibility to you.
  • The party was negligent in their duties, or behaved recklessly/irresponsibly.
  • The party’s negligent/reckless behavior contributed to or resulted in your injuries.

With a thorough investigation, our firm may help determine who is liable for the injuries that you or your loved one has suffered. Our Clearwater catastrophic injury attorneys can help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve. When someone is responsible for your injuries, hold them accountable for their actions! We can help you take the next steps needed to secure your financial recovery and obtain justice in your case. Negligent parties may be liable for the expenses related to your injury, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of present/future wages

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or persons that caused your injury can help alleviate the emotional, physical, or financial strain placed on you by your injury. Individuals, insurance companies, product manufacturers, and government agencies may be liable for your injuries. It is important to enlist the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine who the appropriate defendant is for your specific case.

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Catastrophic injuries can have serious consequences on your life. When the unexpected happens, give yourself the best chance at easing your financial burdens and making a full recovery. If another person was responsible for your injuries, hold them accountable in a lawsuit with our experienced team fighting in your corner. The Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos is prepared to handle matters of personal injury, no matter how difficult and complex it may be!

We are dedicated to providing quality legal guidance to victims suffering from catastrophic injuries. Because we operate on a contingency fee basis, we can help ease your financial burdens—we do not collect lawyer fees up-front, and we do not get paid unless you win! Our experience investigating client cases and helping them pursue the best possible course of action makes us ideal for complex personal injury matters.