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Florida insurance companies have a duty to treat their policyholders in good faith and deal with them fairly. This duty covers Florida homeowners’ insurance, car insurance, medical insurance coverage, and everything else. If you are dealing with an insurance dispute which cannot be resolved, contact an experienced Clearwater insurance disputes lawyer to review your situation and analyze your insurance policy. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine what course of action makes the most sense for your future. En Español.

Resolving Insurance Disputes

Insurance policies transfer the risk of something happening from the insured (policyholder) to the insurer in exchange for insurance premiums. It is essentially a contract between two parties which spells out what an insurance company is obligated to pay when a policyholder suffers a loss which triggers, or activates, coverage. This is true for all insurance policies, including Florida homeowners’ insurance. It is important to seek counsel from a Clearwater insurance disputes lawyer right away.

Most Florida homeowners’ insurance policies protect homeowners against damages due to wind, hail, fire, lightning, theft, and more. While many Clearwater homes are very near the Gulf of Mexico, not all homeowners will be required to carry separate flood insurance. When property is damaged due to water, those without flood insurance will often find that their insurance companies will not pay for the damages, especially after a Florida hurricane or Florida tropical storm,  as they will blame the damage on water which may not be covered.

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When disputes arise between parties, emotions, or the personalities of those involved can get in the way of the legal process. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize that civil litigations are won or lost before the first court filing ever happens. In order to properly prepare to litigate a case, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your own position before you can access the strengths and weaknesses of the other side. At the law office of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, our lawyers have the experience, education, and technical ability to engineer a party’s position to give our clients the best possible chance of succeeding in their endeavor.

Our law firm has built its reputation on fighting hard and using the resources of our firm to champion our client’s cause. If you are involved in a dispute with another company or an individual, call us for an evaluation. Diligent preparation now may be the difference between a reasonable settlement early on, or a long-drawn-out costly legal battle. Our firm has represented Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized companies, local small businesses, and a number of civil litigations against the EEOC, IRS, EPA, and even cases like fraud and dishonest business practices. When push comes to shove, you want us on your side.

What Do Florida Policies Cover?

Florida medical insurance policies cover a variety of medical expenses that are outlined in a particular policy. In most situations, simply providing an insurer with the documentation it needs should result in coverage. Florida car insurance policies generally cover risks including bodily injury, property damage (including damage done by hurricanes and tropical storms), collision, or can provide comprehensive coverage options. Coverage varies by policy, but if damages are covered under the policy, insurance companies are obligated to pay out proceeds.

While insurance companies are obligated to pay out insurance proceeds for valid claims, they often deny or unreasonably delay claims hoping that policyholders will become frustrated or accept decisions without more. Floridians who are battling with their insurance companies have options and should never give up without exploring every option available to them. A Clearwater insurance disputes lawyer can help policyholders determine what course of action makes sense for them.


Hiring an Attorney

A Clearwater insurance disputes lawyer can review an insurance policy to see what is covered and fight for a policyholder’s rights against insurance company claims adjusters and lawyers. There are many options to explore, including filing a complaint with their state’s insurance commissioner or pursuing a bad faith insurance practices lawsuit against the insurer. Property insurance policyholders who do not receive their valid proceeds should find out how an attorney can help them to resolve their dispute and discuss whether filing a bad faith insurance practices lawsuit against their insurer is in their best interests. Anyone who has paid their premiums and experienced a loss which has triggered coverage on their policy is entitled to the insurance proceeds available under their policy.