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Motorcycle Accident Causes & Safety Tips

Motorcycles are great, but motorcycle accidents are anything but. While every motorcycle accident is unique to the circumstances involved, these accidents often share common causes. If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney.

Common Causes

When you’re on your bike, you are not only more difficult for other drivers to see but are also more vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident. Every driver is responsible for driving safely and for not engaging in practices that endanger others, including motorcyclists. The following forms of driver negligence are often the impetus behind serious motorcycle accidents:

  • Excess Speed – When drivers speed, they decrease their control over their vehicles, increase the probability that accidents will happen, and increase the severity of any ensuing accidents. All of these are bad news for motorcyclists.
  • Distraction – In order to drive safely, motorists must pay careful attention to the road ahead and the traffic on it. Distracted drivers are dangerous, and because motorcycles are more difficult to see to begin with, they are especially vulnerable to distracted drivers’ unique brand of risky driving. For example, a driver who is sending or receiving a text (the most prevalent distraction on our roads) spends an average of about five seconds doing so, which is far too long to take one’s attention off the serious responsibility of driving safely.
  • Impairment – Impairment plays far too significant a role in deadly traffic accidents, including motorcycle accidents. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol can experience vision impairment, loss of coordination, cognitive impairment, and all of these make motorcycle accidents that much more likely.

Safety Tips

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help protect yourself from serious injury when you’re on your bike, including:

  • Always carefully follow the rules of the road.
  • Always wear a well-fitting motorcycle helmet and protective gear.
  • Take the condition of the road (including surfaces that are cracked and broken, are riddled with potholes, show other signs of wear, and/or are made slippery by debris or inclement weather) into careful consideration. Remember that, because you’re traveling on only two wheels, your stability and safety are more affected by such factors.
  • Whenever possible, stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. Some motorists don’t bother to check their blind spots – or fail to check them carefully enough – and motorcyclists often pay the price.
  • Remember that you’re most vulnerable when you’re crossing intersections. Don’t jump green lights, push red lights, or assume the other guy is going to do the safe thing. Proceed with utmost caution.
  • When you’re on your bike, always err on the side of caution.

An Experienced Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, look no further than the dedicated Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers at Tragos, Sartes & Tragos for the experienced legal counsel you need. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 813-223-6405 today.