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A rollover accident occurs when a motor vehicle or motorcycle is caused to leave the lane or roadway and turns over on its side, hood or roof. Rollovers have a higher fatality rate than other types of vehicle collisions. Rollover accidents tend to result in traumatic and tragic injuries — not only because the car and its passengers are being upended, but because the loose objects in the car can become projectiles and endanger the people inside. Injuries can be extensive and recovery can be difficult and costly.

If you or a loved one have been in a rollover accident in Tampa caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to receive compensation for your damages beyond the scope of insurance with the help of a car accident lawyer. An experienced accident attorney can work hard to fight for your right to compensation.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a rollover car crash?

You may be entitled to compensation.

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What Causes a Car to Flip?

Often, rollover collisions result when trucks or SUVs come in contact with smaller vehicles that either wedge underneath their wheels or cause them to lose contact with the road. They can also occur on uneven road surfaces where one side of the car is higher than the other and an accident occurs which would not normally cause the car to overturn.

While SUVs and trucks can be more susceptible to rollover, the fact is it can happen to all types of vehicles. Other common causes of a vehicle rollover crash include:

  • Tripping (when a vehicle’s tires strike something that interrupts the motion of the vehicle and causes it to pitch forward or sideways into a roll such as a soft shoulder, bump, large rock, or a curb)
  • Tire failure or blowout
  • Road hazards
  • High center of gravity (especially minivans, SUVs and large pickup trucks)
  • Multi-vehicle accidents
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol impairment

Rollover Accident Statistics

Rollover crashes are more likely to result in fatalities and serious injuries than other types of crashes. While the number of fatal passenger car rollover crashes has been decreasing in recent years, the number of deadly light truck rollover crashes is increasing, particularly among SUVs and vans. Here are more statistics about these types of car accidents that may surprise you:

  • Of the nearly 9.1 million passenger car, SUV, pickup and van crashes in 2010, only 2.1% involved a rollover. However, rollovers accounted for nearly 35% of all deaths from passenger vehicle crashes.
  • In 2010 alone, more than 7,600 people died in rollover crashes. The majority of them (69%) were not wearing safety belts.
  • Some 40% of fatal rollover crashes involved excessive speeding. Additionally, nearly ¾ of fatal rollovers took place where the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour or higher.
  • Nearly half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol.
  • Almost ¾ of fatal rollovers occur in rural areas.
  • Nearly 85% of all rollover-related fatalities are the result of single-vehicle crashes.
  • 95% of single-vehicle rollovers are tripped.


Rollover Car Accident Injuries

In a rollover accident, people can be injured not only by the collision itself but by the series of collisions that occur as the vehicle is rolling. In addition, they can be hit by items in the car, as well as broken glass and other hazards.

Some common injuries that occur during a rollover crash include:

  • Broken bones
  • Chest injuries
  • Soft-tissue damage
  • Cuts, scrapes and bruises

How to Stop or Prevent a Rollover

It’s always wise to keep as few loose objects in the cabin of the car as possible. In any collision, items in the car can become projectiles and cause serious harm, but the risk of this happening is much higher in rollover accidents.

The best way for a person to avoid a rollover accident is to approach intersections carefully and make certain that there is no vehicle coming that could potentially make an impact and cause their vehicle to leave the roadway. Also, avoid driving when drowsy or when you’ve been drinking.

It’s becoming more popular for drivers to alter their vehicles so that they are either very high or very low. High-profile vehicles are more likely to roll over in an accident. On the flip side, low-profile vehicles also change the impact point and may cause other vehicles to roll over in a collision. The state of Florida sets forth certain requirements for the distance ground lights and bumpers are supposed to be from the road. These standards are in place to reduce the likelihood of rollover accidents and should be obeyed.

Working with a Tampa Car Accident Attorney

The skilled Tampa rollover lawyers at Tragos, Sartes & Tragos have the knowledge and experience to identify the appropriate traffic pattern cameras that exist in Tampa, and will work to obtain footage that may be able to show what exactly caused the accident that injured their client. Where traffic cameras are not available, there may be security camera footage from a nearby business that recorded the incident.

When possible, a person injured in a rollover accident should take as many photographs of the scene as possible, and try to identify any potential witnesses that may have observed the collision. In many cases, a witness will take photographs if the accident victim is unable to. We also may be able to look for any surveillance footage that was captured at the accident scene to use as evidence.

We’ll show you how we’ve been able to secure positive outcomes for past clients with similar cases:

  • $400,000 settlement for client who was rear-ended and sustained a disc herniation requiring spinal surgery.
  • $300,000 settlement for client who suffered a broken bone in her wrist as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
  • $110,000 settlement for client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered soft-tissue injuries which resulted in conservative treatment.

Our Tampa rollover car accident lawyers may also seek testimony from witnesses, and consult law enforcement officers who are trained in assessing accident scenes and understand the dynamics of a vehicle collision. Don’t delay — time may be running out to build your case.

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