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Everything you need to know about your free car accident consultation

Car accidents aren’t just physically and emotionally devastating. They can also wreak havoc on your finances as you attempt to pay your medical bills and deal with lost work time. Unfortunately, it’s common that you need to seek professional legal counsel since insurance companies often try to pay as little as possible. There is also the chance that you may be dealing with a negligent party who was uninsured or who refuses to accept their fault in the accident.

When you are searching for a car accident lawyer near you who offers an initial consultation, it’s important to start thinking about what will happen during your first meeting. Knowing what to expect helps you arrive prepared with everything that the lawyer needs to make decisions about your case so that you can get started right away.

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Here at Tragos Law, we will discuss your injuries, how the accident occurred and what we can do to help during your initial consultation. We will explain our fees in detail and what you can expect throughout the case in a step-by-step explanation.

Here are some topics and questions to consider during this time:

How much does it cost?

You’ll be glad to know that the first consultation with one of our attorneys is free. We understand that you need to know how our services will benefit you.

During your first meeting, we will go over all of the details about your accident. Then, we will explain our contingency fee policy — which means that we only take a fee if we win money for you. Being able to arrange for a free consultation helps to take some of the financial strain of your accident off your shoulders.

What to bring to the initial consultation

When you call to schedule your appointment, you may be asked to bring a few essential documents that will help the attorney start working on your case faster. These typically include:

  • Your identification
  • Your auto insurance policy
  • Police report or exchange of information from the accident
  • Witness statement,
  • Medical bills and other proof of the expenses that you have had to pay due to the accident

Be prepared to recall the facts

We need to know as much as possible about the accident so that we can plan for possible defenses and arguments from the other party. While some details from the accident may be hazy, it’s important to try to relay the facts of the accident to our attorneys as accurately and clearly as possible.

We will benefit from knowing where the accident occurred and the names of everyone involved. We may also want to know if it was raining or if you noticed anything unusual before the accident such as seeing the other party on their phone or looking away from the road.

As you share your story, remember that the client/attorney privilege begins during the first meeting. This means you can be confident that your privacy is protected from the beginning. Being honest ensures that our attorneys are not faced with avoidable surprises if and when your case goes to court.

Feel free to ask questions

You will naturally have many questions to ask when you seek legal advice, but you also want to be as thorough as possible. Start by preparing a list of questions that can help you learn more about us.

Choosing a personal injury lawyer may be the biggest decision of your entire case. If you’re looking to hire a personal injury attorney, you’ll want to do some sleuthing and come prepared with all the right questions.

Many people think of questions after their initial consultation. We know it is a stressful time, so we invite you to call our attorneys when you think of questions at any time.

What we expect from you

The first consultation that you have with an attorney is a time when both of you are making important decisions. We evaluate every case to ensure that we are a good fit for your specific case.

In some instances, we may not be able to take your case for various reasons. If that should be the case, we will explain why we don’t feel we can take your case and will provide you with options to help you make the best decision for you.

Time is of the essence after a car accident. While your body may be healing, you still have medical bills coming in and expenses that must be paid. Now that you know what to expect, you can schedule your free consultation with a Tragos Law attorney today.