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Construction Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Massive construction vehicles are integral to road construction, which is integral to the infrastructure of our nation and the State of Florida. When these incredibly large and incredibly heavy vehicles are involved in accidents, the results are often deadly – and the occupants of the other vehicles involved are obviously at far greater risk of being seriously injured or worse. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a construction vehicle accident, an experienced Clearwater construction vehicle accident attorney can help.

Construction is a Fact of Life

If you drive in the State of Florida, you are well-acquainted with road construction – and all the construction vehicles that keep it humming. Construction puts motorists who drive through it at increased risk of being injured in accidents – especially when the drivers operating those immense construction vehicles don’t take their duty of care to everyone else on the road seriously enough.

Commercial Drivers

The construction workers who man massive construction vehicles are commercial drivers who are held to a stricter duty of care than non-commercial drivers are (and for very good reasons). Construction vehicles are so heavy and so large that even a relatively minor accident can cause life-threatening injuries to the occupants of any other vehicles involved.

In fact, when the person operating a multi-ton construction vehicle fails to do so with care, there is little motorists in the vehicle's midst can do to protect themselves (especially when they are constrained by the more limited boundaries of road construction). In other words, if the person driving that massive piece of machinery near you isn’t specifically concerned with your safety, it puts you in an exceptionally difficult position.

Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles come in many different forms, but the types that are most commonly associated with accidents on our roadways include:

When you share the road with a construction vehicle, always make safety your top priority.

The Construction Vehicle’s Driver

The driver behind the wheel of that construction vehicle shoulders a massive responsibility to safety. With a vehicle this large and heavy, there is absolutely no room for driver negligence. In fact, even a momentary distraction can prove deadly. At the same time, the construction company that employs the driver in question bears serious responsibility in relation to ensuring that the driver has the experience, skill, and appropriate licensure to take on the job safely.

Further, the construction company is responsible for maintaining the machine in safe working order and for not pushing the driver to perform outside the boundaries of safety (including adhering to hours-of-service restrictions at the state and federal level).

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