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Week 7 Update- Elizabeth Holmes/ Theranos Trial Update- Lawyer Reacts

BIG NEWS this week! More complex testimony and legal movers define web 7 in the Elizabeth Holmes trial. In this video attorney Pete Sartes explains what it all means and what comes next.

Some highlights from week 7 of the Elizabeth Holmes/ Theranos Trial:

  • Steve Burd the Former Safeway grocery store CEO continued his testimony.
  • More info on Sunil Dhawan’s role as lab director came to light.
  • An appeal in an unrelated case could have a big impact on how Elizabeth Holmes defends herself going forward. Results in appeals court related to a bank fraud case could present a new opportunity. Will it work? Does it apply?
  • Holmes’ defense team raised concerns about a fair trial. Do they have a point?
  • Requests from media to get the jury’s questionnaires related to the jurors on this trial are increasing concerns about a potential mistrial.

Peter answers your questions, explains all of the latest updates from the trial, and gives you some insights into what to expect next.