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What To Do If You Slip & Fall In a Resort or Casino

When people visit Florida, they often spend time at resorts, hotels, casinos, and other accommodations. These establishments might have hazards that lead you to slip and fall, suffering injuries that disrupt your vacation - and your life in general - in costly ways.

Why might it be different if you slip and fall in a resort or casino than anywhere else? Because these types of establishments (also shopping malls, sports arenas, etc.) have security teams and risk management departments on staff whose number one purpose is to protect their establishment’s assets. Their job is to make sure you don’t sue their employer for your slip and fall injuries.

This is why you need a Florida slip and fall lawyer on your side if you are injured in an accident at a resort, casino, or a similar business. At Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, we take on major resorts and businesses on behalf of slip and fall victims.

Incident Response Teams

If you have aslip and fall accident in a resort, casino, sports arena, or shopping mall, understand that these “deep pocket” establishments will likely have an incident response team. This team is generally composed of a security guard, a medic of some type, and someone from the establishment’s Risk Management Department.

Security guards throughout the premises are watching for things like patrons falling down. If they see you fall down or if you report that you fell down to one of them, the incident response team will quickly materialize, and the security camera operators will hone in on you. The camera operators will rewind the tape to see how your accident occurred, create a file for it, and save it - just in case you decide to file an injury claim later.

Attempted Release of Liability

The incident response team may try to provide first aid, but this team’s reason for being there is to lower the establishment’s liability. The incident response team will start observing and reporting on anything and everything that happens. This includes whether you have been drinking and other factors to try to blame you for your fall - not the resort. Always be careful what you say to these individuals, as they will note everything to try to avoid liability.

Sometimes, the resort representative will ask you to sign a report. While this might seem like it is standard procedure, the “report” might be a liability waiver. This releases the resort from liability for your fall and injuries. It is wise to never sign anything in case it might jeopardize your legal rights.

Instead, contact a lawyer with experience taking on large Florida resorts, hotels, theme parks, casinos, and other major establishments. We hold these establishments accountable for any harm that they cause.

Contact a Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer to Protect Yourself

If you have been swarmed by the incident response team at an arena, mall, resort, or casino, it’s likely you have a case against their employer. Contact us today for a free review of your case or call us at (727) 441-9030.