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What to Do If You Fall in a Parking Lot in Tampa?

No one really plans on getting into an accident, like slipping and falling while walking in a parking lot. But when you get into an accident, the best advice is to calm yourself and try to take control of the situation, but only if you can do so safely. Do everything possible to document the slip and fall with pictures and videos of your injuries, the dangerous condition that caused the accident, and gather anything else that may be relevant to the accident.

You must likewise report the accident and your injuries to the individual in charge of the parking lot. If you need immediate medical help, have a relative or friend report the accident on your behalf right away.

Next, consult with a skilled Tampa slip and fall accident lawyer to discuss your case. Your lawyer can investigate the accident, collect the necessary evidence, figure out your damages, prove fault for your injuries, and secure maximum compensation for your losses.

Who is Liable For Your Parking Lot Slip and Fall Injuries?

In most instances, the parking lot owner is responsible for ensuring that the parking lot is reasonably safe for pedestrians and vehicles. The owner is typically the same entity that can be held liable for injuries sustained on the parking lot, based on the legal theory of premises liability.

If you slipped and fell in a mall parking lot, you can figure out who owns the lot by contacting the leasing company your management that’s responsible for maintaining the property. Although the parking lot owner will ultimately be liable for injuries resulting from insufficient maintenance or a dangerous or defective condition, they may have agreements with other entities, like a management company, that also makes them liable for injuries sustained in the parking lot.

In this case, your might have a valid personal injury claim not only against the parking lot owner but the management company as well. You can just let them sort out liability for your damages. If you’re having issues finding the parking lot owner, which isn’t uncommon due to the complex structure of real estate projects that normally involve multiple entities, you can figure out ownership by checking the municipality’s real property records.

While you can do all the investigation and research yourself, it’s best to discuss the specific circumstances of your accident with a Tampa slip and fall accident lawyer, particularly if you suffered serious injuries. Your lawyer can calculate your losses, figure out the liable party, and devise the best strategy to ensure the best possible results for your claim.

Talk to an Experienced Tampa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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