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What Are The Risk Factors for Suffering Permanent Brain Damage After a Concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can result when your head gets jolted, hit, or bumped. It can also develop from a fall or anything that makes the head move suddenly and rapidly back and forth. The top causes of concussions include:

Concussions can range from minor to serious, but they don’t always lead to permanent brain damage. However, suffering another concussion soon after the initial concussion doesn’t have to be serious for it to cause permanent brain damage.

Concussion Symptoms to Watch Out For

Concussion symptoms typically include the following:

Most individuals who suffer concussions recover fully and quickly. Others, however, can experience symptoms for several days, weeks, months, or longer. Usually, recovery may take longer for older adults, teens, and young children.

Concussion Can Sometimes Lead to Permanent Brain Damage

While most individuals experience a full recovery after suffering serious concussions, the length of their recovery will depend on various factors. These factors usually include the severity of the concussion, the individual’s overall health before suffering the concussion, their age, and how they care for themselves following the injury.

Rest is particularly vital during recovery since it helps heal your brain. Brushing off concussion symptoms often makes them worse. You must only return to work or school once your symptoms have improved significantly and with your doctor’s approval.

Take note that if you were already suffering from a medical condition before getting a concussion, like migraines, for instance, your recovery may take longer. Depression and anxiety may likewise make it more difficult for you to endure your symptoms.

During your recovery, you must be extra careful to avoid bumping or getting your head hit again. The reason for this is that you have an increased risk of developing a secondary traumatic brain injury that can lead to brain swelling, blood clots in your brain, permanent brain damage, or worse, death.

After you’ve officially recovered, you must also avoid sustaining a concussion again. It’s critical to note that individuals who suffer repeat concussions may develop serious long-term or permanent brain damage that can cause chronic headaches, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, balance and mobility issues, or a coma.

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