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Underage College Drinking Leads to Severe Injuries and Death Across Campuses During Fall

Every year, students plan and prepare to head to their college campuses during the fall, whether as incoming freshmen or upperclassmen. This is usually a time when many students take risks, are open to new experiences, and make life-changing decisions. For many, their college experience may involve drinking and doing drugs after school, at football games, and at various parties on and around the campus.

For some unfortunate students, this is also a prime time to face the consequences of underage drinking and driving – from drunk driving crashes, vandalism, assault, and other violent experiences that may lead to injuries or death to others and themselves.

The Dangerous Consequences of Underage College Drinking

Unfortunately, drinking on college campuses has become an infamous ritual that most students consider an essential part of their college life. Some of them even head to college with an established drinking habit. Based on a recent national survey by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 53% of full-time students between 18 and 22 years old drank alcohol in the previous month and almost 33% engaged in binge drinking around the same period.

The extremely dangerous consequences of underage college drinking are more destructive, costly, and significant than many students realize. Unfortunately, these consequences impact students whether they drink alcohol:

Other consequences also include various health issues, suicide attempts, serious injuries, vandalism, trespassing, drunk or drugged driving, unsafe sexual behaviors, and trouble with law enforcement.

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