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Should I File a Claim in a Truck Accident?

If you believe that the truck accident you were involved in resulted from the truck driver and/or a related party’s negligent actions, you should definitely file an injury claim with help from an experienced Clearwater truck accident attorney. Why?

Because if you could prove that another party’s negligence has contributed to or caused the accident and your injuries, you have all the right to seek financial compensation from your losses via a personal injury claim.

What You Need to Know About Trucking Operation, Regulations, and Insurance

All truck owners, operators, drivers, and manufacturers are required to follow various federal and state regulations, such as those relating to:

  • Driver training
  • How long truck drivers could drive without resting in between shifts
  • Driver testing requirements for controlled substances
  • How much cargo a truck could carry
  • Operator safety and licensing
  • Schedule of inspection, maintenance, and repair of equipment and vehicles
  • Freight/load safety requirements, particularly when carrying hazardous materials

In truck accidents where the driver of the passenger vehicle isn’t at fault, the truck driver and/or a related party, such as the truck manufacturer, owner, manager, shipper, mechanic, etc., might have failed to follow a regulation, ordinance, or law related to safety. Why is this crucial? Because evidence of this violation significantly raises an injured victim’s chances of securing proper compensation, whether through a personal injury settlement or a jury verdict.

Another crucial aspect of federal and state regulations is the significantly higher insurance requirements that truck operators and owners must have. This is vital since a defendant or at-fault party, via their insurance provider, would only be able to offer a settlement amount that they could afford, which is based on their coverage limits.

But since the law requires higher coverage limits for truck drivers/owners, even if they only had the minimum coverage limits, an injured victim won’t be stuck with an unfair compensation amount. This is, however, considering that you have a solid case against the at-fault party.

Why Having a Lawyer for Your Truck Accident Claim is Crucial

Going up against a truck driver/company/owner’s insurance provider, whether in settlement negotiations or in a trial, could be scary and intimidating because they are usually backed by an army of attorneys and highly-trained insurance claims adjusters. The main purpose of these individuals is to preserve the insurer’s bottom line, which means that they will do everything in their power to avoid paying out high compensation amounts in settlements or deny an insurance claim.

By working with an experienced Clearwater truck accident lawyer, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while your lawyer focuses on dealing with the insurance provider and securing the compensation you deserve.

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