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Is Your Insurance Company Really On Your Side?

No – your insurance company is not really on your side and does not have your best interests in mind – even if they are legally obligated to do so. This is why it’s immensely crucial to understand your legal rights when facing a lawsuit or claim against you. You must also know how to exercise these rights when dealing with your insurance provider.

Generally, these rights are outlined in the Statement of Insured Client’s Rights. This statement of disclosure explains a lot of the rights afforded to insured clients when their insurer provides them legal representation. It may seem like your insurer is looking out for your best interests by hiring an attorney for you, but this really isn’t the case.

You should know that your insurer is required to provide legal representation to their insured, and that you, as a policyholder, actually pays for this defense as part of your policy.

The Lawyer Hired by Your Insurance Company is Also Not On Your Side

There are various things that can give rise to a conflict of interest when you are being represented by an attorney that your insurance provider retained. Essentially, your attorney isn’t really on your side because, technically, they work for your insurance company.

Your attorney has a working relationship with your insurer, so they will do their best to make your insurer happy. Otherwise, it would be very easy for your insurer to fire the attorney. While your attorney must, under the law, represent you and protect your interests, they cannot really afford to disappoint your insurer, which means that they will put more effort into safeguarding your insurer’s interests instead of yours.

Fortunately, You Have The Right to Hire Your Own Attorney

You should also know that the attorney retained by your insurer only works to defend the case against you. This means that if you want to bring legal action against the other party or need other legal services that are unrelated to your defense, you have all the right to hire your own attorney at your own expense.

You are also permitted to hire an attorney to keep track of the defense strategy being implemented by your insurer’s attorney. It is also a good idea to hire your own attorney if there’s a risk that the claim exceeds your insurance coverage.

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When it comes to dealing with your insurance provider, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to learn and understand your rights as their client. If you are having any issues with the attorney that your insurer hired to defend you or would like a more impartial review of your case, reach out to Tragos, Sartes & Tragos now.

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