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Don’t Ignore Minor Injuries; Always Seek Medical Care

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 30% of people avoid doctors and medical treatment, which is a significant number of people. After a car accident, you might be tempted to wait and see whether your pain or stiffness goes away on its own. However, this is a mistake.

If you wait to seek medical care, you can jeopardize your health and legal rights to compensation from insurers. First, see a medical professional; then, speak with a St. Petersburg car accident attorney for help.

Minor Injuries Can Worsen If Ignored

While some injuries and illnesses do heal naturally on their own, the majority of injuries do worsen if untreated. Here are some common injuries that might worsen over time and often occur due to accidents like car crashes or slip and falls:

Consult with a St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorney

Do not allow the concern of medical bills to prevent you from seeking medical care following a crash. You can seek insurance coverage for your losses, but this process is not always simple. That’s where our car accident lawyers come in.

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