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Can I Ride a Scooter or Moped on a Florida Highway?

The laws in Florida for mopeds and certain scooters are different from those for motorcycles. If you want to operate these motor vehicles in the state, you must know the laws that apply to them and how they’re classified.

One main difference is that while motorcycles and motor scooters are allowed on Florida highways, stand-up motorized scooters are not. Learn more about the specific laws that apply to mopeds and different scooters below.

What Are The Scooter Laws in Florida?

Under the law, two scooter categories exist - motor scooters and stand-up motorized scooters. Motor scooters have saddles or seats, while motorized scooters don’t. Motorized scooters have less than three wheels, can’t run more than 30mph, and don’t have saddles or seats.

Motorized scooters are not considered street legal, which means that you can’t ride them on sidewalks, roadways, and highways. But the state permits individual cities and counties to lay down their own guidelines allowing the use of motorized scooters on certain roads and sidewalks, if they don’t exceed 15mph while traveling and the usage follows the federal rules.

You do not need to register your motorized scooter with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). You also don’t have to wear a helmet while riding one if you’re 16 years old and above. But you still must have a driver’s license.

If you want to operate a moped in Florida, you must register it. You still can’t ride on highways since below 50 cc scooter engines typically fall below the five-brake horsepower (BHP) highway minimum. Motor scooters have the same licensing and registration requirements as motorcycles. This means that you must have a driver’s license and carry the state’s required insurance coverage if your motor scooter’s engine displacement is higher than 50 ccs (cubic centimeters).

What Are The Moped Laws in Florida?

You must be 16 years old or older and have a Motorcycle Only or Class E driver’s license to ride a moped in Florida. Your moped must be registered with the FLHSMV and have plates with mandatory yearly renewals.

But you do not have to get a title for your moped, which is a requirement for motorcycles and motor scooters. You can ride your moped on public roads except on highways since only motor vehicles with 5 BHP can be ridden on highways and interstates, and mopeds are limited to 2 BHP. You also can’t ride your moped on sidewalks with the engine running.

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