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How Do You Handle Property Damage Claims in FL?

Inclement weather, natural disasters, and a broad range of other things can easily lay waste to your home and other property. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may face serious financial issues to resolve the property damage.

You purchased sufficient property insurance for covering losses associated with damage to your property. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not in the business to give away money and will usually go to great lengths to pay the lowest amount possible to claimants of property damage claims. Here are some tips for handling property damage claims in FL to ensure that you secure maximum compensation for your losses.

What to Do After You Suffer Property Damage in FL

Assess and Take Stock of The Damage

Look around your property to locate and document everything that has been damaged. Take clear photos and videos of the damaged areas and things. Write down detailed notes about them as well. If you have photos or videos of the things or areas before they were damaged, make sure to include those in your claim. This will give your insurer a clearer picture of the damage. The key is to ensure that your inventory notes and visuals are as detailed as possible.

File Your Property Damage Claim

Contact your insurance provider and follow the steps of the claims process. Even if you’re still unsure of the damage’s extent, notify your insurer of what happened. Your insurer will assign an insurance claims adjuster to your case, and this individual will be your point person for the entire claims process. But before you speak to the claims adjuster, consider discussing your case with a property damage claims lawyer first. Find out why below.

Consult with an Experienced Florida Property Damage Claims Lawyer

Speak to a Florida property damage claims lawyer as soon as you can to find out more about your options. Insurers don’t always play fair even if claimants have valid and adequate property insurance coverage.

An experienced lawyer, on the other hand, will level the playing field and protect your best interests, including getting the compensation you deserve. Below are common tactics used by insurance providers that you should watch out for:

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