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Florida Drowning Accidents During the Summer

Frolicking in the water, particularly when it’s sweltering hot, is the favorite pastime of residents and tourists in Florida. As the weather becomes hotter and more people head to the beaches and pools, the number of drowning accidents also increases. Whether it’s a dip in the beach, lake, or backyard, community, hotel, or resort swimming pool, drowning accidents in Florida increase during the summer.

Based on CDC data, approximately 11 people are killed in drowning accidents daily, and about 22 people are injured in drowning accidents each day. Likewise, in recent years, the states that saw the most drowning fatalities per 100,000 people include Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi, respectively.

People who are fortunate enough to survive drowning accidents have a broad range of outcomes, from zero injuries to severe injuries or catastrophic life-changing injuries. Even near-drowning accidents can result in lasting consequences. For instance, children who survive a drowning accident may suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and damage is typically irreversible after four minutes. Unfortunately, many of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented. 

Negligence and Liability in Florida Drowning Accidents

Tragically, drowning accidents during summer are common, and they can take place anywhere. An individual or business may be held liable in a drowning accident, depending on the specific circumstances of the incident. Examples can include:

Private homeowners and operators or owners of businesses like resorts, schools, hotels, and other places with accessible swimming spots are required to take reasonable safety measures to ensure the safety of people on their premises. This means that if you or a family member have suffered injuries in a drowning accident because of another individual or entity’s negligent actions, you have the right to bring a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your damages.

Seek Legal Guidance From an Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Today

While not all drowning accidents are deadly, most will result in life-altering consequences, including severe or long-term health problems, emotional trauma, and financial issues for the injured people and their families. If you’ve suffered serious injuries or the death of a loved one due to another’s negligence, please contact Tragos, Sartes & Tragos right away.

Most drowning accidents are preventable, and our Florida personal injury lawyers can ensure that the negligent party who caused you harm will be held liable for your accident-related losses. Call 727-441-9030 or reach us online to set up a free case review with our Florida personal injury lawyer.