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Why are Witnesses Important in a Truck Accident Case?

In a recent year, an estimated 523,796 trucks were involved in police-reported crashes. Although there is no denying the power of photographs, videos, and data collected from a commercial truck’s electronic logging device, eyewitness testimony is often more powerful.

An impartial third party can lay the groundwork for how an accident unfolded. A witness’s testimony can help to establish fault, which is crucial in a truck accident case. Establishing fault in a truck accident will help the claims process to resolve quickly, helping you receive compensation when you need it most.

Our Clearwater truck accident lawyers would like to discuss the benefits of gathering witness statements in a truck accident case.

A Witness Can Describe Injuries and Impairment

Over time, injuries will heal. The only real way to know the extent of a person’s injuries is if you were at the accident scene. A witness can describe the condition of drivers immediately following an accident, including if they were staggering or unable to walk.

If a witness was close enough to the scene, the individual may be able to relay what the drivers or passengers said to one another and if they were coherent. If someone outright admitted fault (which you should never do!), an eyewitness may relay the statement to a police officer.

A Witness Can Establish Fault

In motor vehicle crashes, one person’s account of events may vary from another motorist’s version of events. If one witness or multiple witnesses were present at the scene to back up your story, this could help your credibility. Conversely, if multiple witnesses do not agree with your account, this could cause an insurance company to question your credibility.

If multiple witnesses agree that the other driver ran a red light, was speeding, or changed lanes at the last moment, this can help establish fault. Establishing who caused the accident will be key if you sustain serious injuries and choose to privately sue the other driver.

An Expert Witness Can Provide Valuable Insight

At this point, we have described the testimony of lay witnesses. In many truck accident cases, an expert witness may be called upon to support your claim. Fla. Stat. §90.72 defines an expert witness as possessing “scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge to assist the trier of facts in understanding the evidence.” 

There are several types of expert witnesses, but in a truck accident case, you are likely to use the following expert witnesses:

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