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Who is to Blame If An Object on The Road Damages My Car in Clearwater?

From unsecured cargo falling from other vehicles to fallen trees and construction equipment left on the roadway, road debris caused approximately 200,000 motor vehicle crashes that resulted in 500 deaths and 39,000 injured victims between 2011 and 2014, according to a study by the AAA Foundation.

About one-third of the fatalities resulted from swerving drivers trying to avoid the debris. In other cases, vehicles hit the debris and set off a chain reaction of crashes. Such crashes are immensely dangerous but likewise mostly preventable. Motorists can prevent injuries, damage to other vehicles, and save lives by ensuring that their cargo is secure and taking other necessary precautions to prevent cargo from falling off their vehicles.

Proving Fault for Road Debris Accidents

You’re driving down the road, and your vehicle is suddenly damaged by some kind of road debris. Who can you blame and hold liable for the damage? Crashes happen, but proving fault and liability for them can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes, road debris comes from other vehicles. Similarly, some vehicles get damaged due to construction equipment or tools lying around in a construction site on the roadway.

Generally speaking, you can blame an individual or entity for damage resulting from road debris:

  • Drivers that failed to properly secure their cargo
  • A private or government entity that left debris in roadway construction sites or failed to remove any kind of dangerous road debris, such as a fallen tree, from the road

However, the burden is on you to find evidence that you need to prove fault and liability for your damages.

What to Do If Your Car Gets Damaged Due to Road Debris

Let’s say that a heavy box fell from the truck in front of you and damaged your car. Ideally, the driver realized that the box fell, stopped to pick up the box, and exchanged insurance details with you. You can then recover compensation by filing a claim through the driver’s insurance provider. But if the driver flees, you must collect evidence, such as dashcam footage or eyewitness testimonies, to identify the negligent driver and support your claim.

You may likewise want to report the accident and file a police report, particularly if the driver fled the accident scene and your sustained vehicle damage and personal injury. The report can help prove that the other driver caused your damages. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to track down the driver. In this case, a skilled Clearwater car accident lawyer can help obtain other documents and evidence that will support your claim.

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