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What If You Are Hit by a Commercial Truck in Florida?

With the rise of online shopping, commercial trucks from companies like Amazon, UPS, DHL, and FedEx are a ubiquitous presence on Florida roadways. But because the drivers of these companies sometimes lack proper training and are under pressure to fulfill their deliveries, they may tailgate, ignore traffic signals and signs, disobey the speed limits, or drive while impaired or fatigued.

These are all negligent behaviors that cause or contribute to tragic commercial truck crashes. If you get into a crash with a commercial truck, proving liability can be very tricky.

Determining Liability in a Commercial Truck Accident in Florida

Just because you suffered injuries in a crash due to a commercial truck driver’s actions doesn’t automatically make you eligible for financial compensation. You must establish the driver’s liability. To do that, however, your St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer must identify whom you can hold liable for your losses. The problem is that liability for commercial truck crashes often rests on multiple parties, such as:

State and federal laws governing training and hours of service are in place to help ensure the safety of all road users. When drivers, employers, or other parties prioritize their interests instead of everyone’s safety, they endanger the lives of everyone.

Pursuing Compensation for Damages Through a Commercial Truck Accident Claim

A commercial truck crash can lead to severe consequences in various ways. The damages you can seek may include economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are monetary losses you incurred due to the accident and your injuries.

For instance, ongoing and past medical expenses may pile up because of extensive treatment and just one kind of economic damage you can recover. Your current future lost earnings may further complicate your financial situation. Other economic damages you may recoup are:

Beyond monetary damages, you can likewise seek noneconomic damages, which are emotional and physical losses. These are harder to quantify because they are intangible and may include the following:

Seek Legal Advice From an Experienced St. Petersburg Truck Accident Attorney Now

Commercial truck accidents can cause life-changing injuries and unexpected deaths to innocent motorists, and they can likewise lead to complicated lawsuits. If you have been hurt in a truck crash in Florida, discuss your case with our St. Petersburg truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. Reach Tragos, Sartes & Tragos online or call our office at 727-441-9125 to arrange a complimentary consultation with our St. Petersburg truck accident attorney today.