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What If The Person Who Hits Me Does Not Have a Valid Drivers License?

The status of an at-fault driver’s license doesn’t affect your legal right to bring a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash. The same legal right to fair compensation for injuries suffered in a crash with an unlicensed driver applies to car crashes caused by drivers with valid driver’s licenses.

However, collecting the compensation you deserve after getting hit by an unlicensed driver can be more difficult. In some cases, injured parties may have issues finding the at-fault unlicensed driver because they may flee the accident scene or otherwise cause more complications. Working with a Clearwater car accident attorney can help make it easier for you to navigate a claim against an unlicensed driver.

Who Will Pay My Compensation After Getting Hit by an Unlicensed Driver?

You have a couple of options for pursuing compensation after a crash with a driver who doesn’t have a driver’s license, including:

Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

Your PIP coverage can offer some protection after an accident with an unlicensed driver in Florida. This can cover 80% of all your reasonable and necessary medical costs up its limit, which is usually $10,000, caused by a covered injury, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. On the other hand, depending on your injuries and damages, your PIP may not be enough to cover all your losses.

The Unlicensed Driver’s Insurance Carrier

If the driver lost their license recently, maybe due to being suspended or revoked, they may still have car insurance. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter whether they are unlicensed or not, you have the right to file a claim against their insurance, and their insurer must still give you proper compensation for your accident-related damages.

Sue The Driver Directly

While you can sue the driver directly, it may be hard to obtain compensation from them if they don’t have significant assets. If this applies to your case, call an experienced Clearwater car accident attorney to find out how you can seek compensation from the unlicensed driver.

The Vehicle’s Insurance Coverage

The unlicensed driver may have borrowed the car from a family member or friend. The vehicle owner may not be aware that the driver doesn’t have a valid license, particularly if the driver has recently lost their license or has driven without a license for some time. Insurance typically follows the vehicle but may also offer coverage for specific drivers.

This means that if the car is insured, you can seek compensation from that insurance coverage, and it must pay out whether the driver was licensed. But this only applies if the driver had permission to drive the car. If they didn’t have permission, the car owner’s insurance coverage might not apply.

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