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What Damages Can I Recover in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

When recovering financial compensation following a motor vehicle crash, it is crucial to pursue compensation for all your damages. A traumatic crash can change your and your family’s lives in an instant. Aside from physical and emotional harm, you may also suffer from significant financial burdens. Here’s a breakdown of the damages you can recover after a motor vehicle accident.

Understanding Economic Damages

These are costs and expenses that resulted from and are directly associated with the accident. Economic damages normally include the following:

Understanding Non-Economic Damages

These damages compensate for the injuries and related losses resulting from the crash, which are more personal. They usually include the following:

Understanding Punitive Damages

These damages are for punishing the at-fault party if the court deems that gross negligence was involved in the crash. For instance, if the individual that caused the crash was driving while impaired with drugs or alcohol or otherwise engaging in reckless and negligent driving behavior, your lawyer may pursue punitive damages.

Take note that there’s a cap to punitive damages awards in Florida, which is $500,000 or thrice the amount of the compensatory damages, or whichever is higher.

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