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Tragic Truck Crash on I-75 Kills Clearwater Residents

Imagine being cut off by a driver on the freeway in such an aggressive manner that you had no time to react, and the other vehicle just slams right into yours. Imagine now that the other driver’s vehicle weighs 50,000 pounds and yours weighs only 5,000. A force like that could literally rip your car in half. This is reportedly what happened to three members of a five-person family in Pasco County, Florida, on Interstate-75 on January 8, 2022, with tragic results.

Danielle Prieto (53), a former member of the Millburn, New Jersey, Board of Education, her husband Alfred (57), and their youngest of three sons, Antonio (16) were killed instantly when a semi-truck crashed into them at 9:53 pm. The semi-truck was going south near mile marker 283 in the center lane, while the SUV had been in the “slow lane.” The Florida Highway Patrol closed all lanes north- and south-bound of Interstate-75 for over six hours as they went through their emergency protocol and then began collecting evidence for the investigation. Neither the truck driver nor his passenger had any injuries.

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How Common Are Truck Accidents Like These?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published the following truck accident statistics:

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