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Someone Else Was Driving My Car and Got in an Accident, Now What?

If someone else was driving your vehicle and got into an accident, the liability for the resulting damages would depend on which party caused the crash and the individual driving your vehicle. It would likewise depend on your auto insurance coverage’s terms and conditions. But the liability for the crash would be different if, for instance, someone stole your vehicle than if permitted someone to drive your vehicle.

Your Auto Insurance Follows Your Vehicle

If you allow someone to drive your vehicle and they get into a crash, your PIP (personal injury protection) insurance coverage will cover the damages if they caused the crash. But if the cost of the damages exceeds your PIP coverage, the driver’s personal insurance coverage must cover the difference.

If the individual that you permitted to drive your vehicle gets into a crash because of another driver’s negligence, the other driver would be held liable for the damages. This means that you won’t have to pay the deductible and face higher insurance premiums in the future, which are common consequences of filing claims against your insurance coverage.

Besides covering an individual that you allow to drive your vehicle, your PIP coverage also extends to the following individuals:

It’s also important to note that Florida follows the dangerous instrumentality doctrine, which states that a motor vehicle owner can be held legally responsible for damages and injuries to another individual when the person the owner loans the vehicle to gets into an accident. If a vehicle is jointly owned, both owners will be held liable for damages if someone, with their permission, drives the vehicle and injures another person in a crash.

Exceptions to The “Insurance Follows The Vehicle” Rule

While insurance coverage usually follows the vehicle, this rule may not apply in the following situations:

If any of these situations apply to your case, it is crucial that you discuss your case with a Florida car accident attorney right away.

Seek Legal Guidance From an Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorney

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