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Should You Always Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

If you are like most people who have been seriously hurt in a car accident, you are probably debating whether you should call a lawyer. This is completely understandable. The vast majority of people are unsure about seeking legal advice, especially when they think their injuries do not seem serious or they are waiting to see how much the insurance provider will pay them.

But you should really call and discuss your case with a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer after a car crash because waiting to contact a lawyer can be a huge mistake. Also, calling a lawyer will not cost you a cent.

Why You Should Really Call a Lawyer After Getting Into a Car Accident

You should contact a lawyer immediately if you’ve been injured in a crash, even if your injuries seem minor or the insurance company promised that it would pay for your damages. Keep in mind that certain injuries do not show up immediately or worsen over time, and a lawyer can get started working on your claim right away.

When you have a car accident lawyer working on your case right from the beginning, you will find that everything will go smoothly and perhaps avoid filing a lawsuit entirely. If you have never gone through the insurance claims process before, whether your insurer or another party’s, you’ll be surprised to find that things can easily get complicated.

You may also be confused and unpleasantly surprised to learn that your PIP insurance provider wants to pay out the lowest possible amount to settle your claim, so you need to be extremely careful when talking to them. Otherwise, the insurer will use your words against you to refuse or minimize your claim. Remember, insurance companies are businesses, which means that their main goal is to make money and not give away money.

What’s more, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider and lawyers will also do all they can to avoid paying your settlement or deny your claim. But just knowing that you have legal representation will let the insurance provider know that you are not alone and that a professional has your back. Your lawyer will also protect you from being tricked by the insurer into settling your claim for less than you deserve. 

In any case, your St. Petersburg car accident lawyer will handle all communications with the other party and settle your claim for an amount that will suffice for your car accident-related losses. In the event that the insurer doesn’t want to play fair and won’t offer you a fair settlement, your lawyer can take your case to court.

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