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How are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than Cars on The Road?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than drivers inside cars and trucks. They also have a higher chance of getting injured or killed on the road. Motorcyclists are likewise overrepresented in deadly road accidents, with more than 5,000 riders dying in motorcycle accidents in 2019.

The problem is that motorcycles are less visible and stable than cars and typically come with high-performance features. When a motorcycle crashes, the rider doesn’t have the protection afforded to enclosed cars, so the rider has a higher risk of sustaining more serious injuries or getting killed. The NHTSA estimates that the number of motorcyclist deaths in 2018, per mile traveled, was about 27 times more than the number of deaths involving car occupants.

Dangers of Motorcycling

Besides motorcycles being significantly less crashworthy than enclosed cars, operating a motorcycle likewise requires an entirely different set of mental and physical skills than those required for driving cars. Additionally, motorcycle riders and their passengers are naturally more susceptible to various hazards of road and fluctuating weather conditions than car drivers and passengers.

Furthermore, a combination of various factors could result in car drivers to overlook motorcycle riders and consequently fail to give them right-of-way:

  • A lot of drivers don’t expect regular encounters with motorcycle riders while in traffic.
  • Motorcyclists and passengers usually make up a small number of the overall traffic mix, reducing their visual recognition.
  • Motorcycles are small visual targets, making them more likely to go unnoticed in traffic. However, drivers who likewise ride motorcycles and/or those with close friends or family members who are motorcyclists are more likely to notice motorcycles on the road and are less likely to get into an accident with motorcyclists. This means that if drivers train themselves to anticipate motorcyclists, they can see motorcyclists that they might have otherwise not noticed.
  • These visual issues are further compounded by various visual limitations in car drivers:
    • Cars have blind spots and several obstructions, such as door pillars, areas that can’t be seen in mirrors, and passengers’ heads, which could hide motorcyclists on the road.
    • Other circumstances that can affect the vehicle, including glare, cargo, and precipitation, could further block a driver’s view.
    • Various environmental factors and objects beyond the car, including roadside distractions, other vehicles, and light patterns could make it tougher for drivers to notice motorcycles in traffic.
  • Driver distractions, including cell phone use, eating, passengers, applying makeup, reading, shaving, tinkering with the radio, and using portable electronic devices, among many others, continue to be top factors in motorcycle and car collisions.

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