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Fighting the Insurance Company after a Car Accident

Following a car crash, you must seek compensation by filing an insurance claim. This might be with your PIP coverage or with the at-fault party’s insurance if you have serious injuries. In either situation, you can expect insurance companies to make the process more challenging than it should be.

When you are dealing with an injury, you are in no position to fight the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. The best thing you can do is seek help from a Clearwater car accident lawyer immediately.

Common Insurance Tactics to Reduce or Deny Claims

Insurance companies are known for employing various tactics to reduce or deny car accident claims to protect their profits. Some common tactics used by insurance companies include the following.

Quick Settlement Offers

After an accident, an insurance adjuster may approach you with a fast and low settlement offer. This tactic is aimed at resolving the claim quickly and cheaply, often before the full extent of the injuries and damages is known. Accepting such an offer can prevent you from seeking further compensation.

Blaming the Victim

Insurance companies may try to shift blame onto you, suggesting that your actions contributed to the accident. By doing so, they can reduce the amount of compensation they are required to pay for an at-fault claim.

Delaying Tactics

Insurers may intentionally delay the claims process, hoping that you become frustrated and accept a lower settlement out of desperation. This tactic can also be used to get close to the statute of limitations, making it more challenging for you to pursue a lawsuit in court if needed.

Underestimating Damages

Insurance companies may downplay the severity of your injuries or property damage, undervaluing the claim and offering inadequate compensation. They hope you do not realize the true value of your damages, so you accept a lower offer than you deserve.

Using Recorded Statements

Insurance adjusters may request recorded statements from victims shortly after the accident when they are vulnerable and may unknowingly say something that could be used against them later.


In some cases, insurance companies may hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on the victim, hoping to find evidence to undermine their claim, such as performing activities that suggest they are not as injured as they claim to be.

Denying Liability

Insurers may outright deny liability, arguing that their policyholder was not at fault for the accident, leaving the victim with the burden of proving otherwise.

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, especially when facing these tactics. It is essential for you to seek legal representation from an experienced car accident attorney who can handle the process and fight against the insurance company on your behalf.

With a lawyer handling everything, you never have to worry about saying anything that might jeopardize your claim or accepting a lower amount than you need.

A Clearwater Car Accident Attorney Can Help

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