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Determining Liability in a Florida Uber or Lyft Accident

With the massive growth of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, more and more Florida auto accidents now involve personal vehicles that are utilized for commercial purposes. While extremely convenient for a lot of commuters around Florida, rideshare accidents come with complex liability issues.

How The Insurance Coverage of Rideshare Companies Work

Let’s say that you were merely a passenger, another driver, cyclist, pedestrian, or motorcyclist that was injured in a Lyft or Uber accident that left you seriously injured. You shouldn’t have to pay for your own medical expenses and accident-related losses. But you do need to take prompt action to ensure that the at-fault party pays. In the Sunshine State, rideshare accident liability is directly tied to how the insurance coverage of rideshare companies work:

  • If the rideshare driver is picking up someone, has a passenger on board, or is logged into the rideshare app, the rideshare company will cover an auto accident. Lyft and Uber both maintain $1 million liability coverage on their drivers in such situations.
  • If the rideshare driver isn’t logged into the app during the accident, their own auto insurance will cover your damages.
  • If the rideshare driver is logged into the Lyft or Uber app but isn’t carrying a passenger, their insurance coverage should compensate injured victims in an accident. Uber or Lyft will provide extra coverage if the driver’s insurance is inadequate or if the insurer denies the claim.

However, even if a rideshare accident fits neatly into the situations above, you’ll still need a St. Pete rideshare accident lawyer to perform a thorough investigation of the case, handle negotiations with insurance companies, and if needed, sue the liable parties to safeguard your legal right to compensation.

Why Determining Liability in Rideshare Accidents is No Easy Task

The main reason why obtaining compensation for rideshare accidents is difficult is that rideshare companies maintain that their drivers are independent contractors. While rideshare companies must be technically liable for the actions of their drivers, they have a history of denying injury claims because they only “connect” consumers to drivers and do not actually train drivers or own the vehicles involved in accidents.

This is why it’s always in the best interest of a rideshare accident victim to discuss their case with a lawyer who has experience dealing with rideshare companies. Whether the compensation is from their own PIP coverage, Lyft or Uber, and/or the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, you must obtain proper compensation for the losses you suffered.

Consult with a Skilled St. Pete Rideshare Accident Lawyer Now

The physical, monetary, and emotional repercussions after a Lyft or Uber accident could be devastating for victims and their families. Add to that the fact that determining liability in a Florida Uber or Lyft accident is immensely complicated. The skilled St. Pete rideshare accident lawyer of Tragos, Sartes, & Tragos can help you secure proper financial compensation for all your rideshare accident-associated losses.

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