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Can You Get Street Camera Footage to Use in Your Car Accident Claim?

Traffic cameras are everywhere in Florida, from license plate cameras and speed cameras to red light cameras, among others. After getting into a crash due to another’s negligent actions, you will require proper evidence to support your case, including video footage from traffic cameras. The video footage from these cameras can be a crucial tool for helping you prove fault and liability for the accident.

How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage for Your Car Accident Claim

It is critical to get video evidence as quickly as possible after your car accident. Some cities erase and record over traffic camera footage after several days to a week, which means that you have a short window of opportunity to secure the footage you need for your claim. You will need your Clearwater car accident lawyer to subpoena the footage right away.

However, while you can obtain video footage from traffic cameras, they don’t always capture the seconds right before the crash that could have established the other driver’s negligent actions. It’s possible that there was a technical glitch with the camera or that the camera failed to capture the crash from the proper angle.

Fortunately, other cameras in the area could have also captured the accident. These cameras can include surveillance cameras from nearby businesses or homes and dashcam footage from other motorists. Also, most people carry their smartphones with them. When talking to witnesses, you can also ask them if they have a recording of the crash.

Why Traffic Camera Footage is Crucial For Your Car Accident Claim

Traffic camera footage showing the crash in real time can be very helpful, along with photos of the crash, police reports, and medical records. The other driver may have run a red light, driven over the speed limit, or texting while driving when the crash occurred. It’s also valuable for determining what occurred right after the accident, such as a driver admitting fault, apologizing, or if the driver was being aggressive or hostile. Additionally, it can show signs of alcohol or drug use.

The liable party’s insurance provider will review the footage of the accident. In some cases, time-stamped footage may be sufficient proof for the insurer to offer a fair settlement. If your case heads to court, your lawyer will use it as evidence in your lawsuit.

Discuss Your Case With a Skilled Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer Now

If you were injured in a car crash, getting traffic camera footage of the crash and other types of video footage from other sources can significantly help your claim. Because getting video footage can take some time, get in touch with our Clearwater car accident attorney right away to secure the footage you need to strengthen your case.

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