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Are Red Light Runners Always Liable in Intersection Accidents?

Running red lights is not only illegal but also immensely risky. 928 people died in crashes involving red light runners in 2020. Half of the people who were killed were bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, and passengers of other vehicles that red light runners crashed into. Furthermore, approximately 116,000 people suffered injuries in crashes involving running a red light.

The motorist who ran a red light is normally the one who’s at fault for the crash. But this does not automatically mean they are liable for the crash. In some situations, other parties could potentially share fault and liability with a red-light runner. But first, what exactly is running a red light?

Defining Running a Red Light

If a driver crosses an intersection after the light has turned red, they have committed a traffic violation. On the other hand, a driver who just happens to be in an intersection when the light turns red, such as a driver waiting for their turn to make a left, is not considered a red-light runner. In areas where turning right on red is allowed, drivers who don’t stop completely before turning right may be deemed red light runners. Likewise, a driver has run a red light when they turn right at an intersection where the maneuver is not allowed.

How Liability is Determined in an Accident Involving a Red Light Runner

The driver who ran a red light will be found at fault and liable in a red-light accident. But you must collect evidence that will clearly show the red-light runner caused the crash, your injuries, and related damages to prove your case and recoup compensation. However, you could potentially share liability even if you were hit by a red-light runner.

All motorists are legally obligated to safeguard other road users from danger, regardless of who has the right of way. This means that if you enter an intersection knowing that another driver ran a red light, you may be found partially at fault and liable for the crash.

In this scenario, it’s highly likely that the at-fault party’s insurer will attempt to dispute your claim, particularly if the intersection where the crash occurred didn’t have a red-light camera. For example, the insurer might claim their policyholder had the green light during the crash to avoid paying out your claim. This is why you should work with a skilled Florida car accident attorney to handle your claim.

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Running a red light is among the most dangerous driving behaviors. Were you injured in a crash because another driver ran a red light? You deserve to get compensated fairly for all your accident-related losses. Whether you’re filing a claim against the red-light runner’s insurer or your personal injury protection coverage (PIP) provider, the Florida car accident attorneys of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos can pursue financial compensation on your behalf to cover all your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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