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5 Sneaky Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims

Insurance companies can have all sorts of legitimate reasons for denying car insurance claims. Usually, however, these sneaky insurance companies use technicalities to deny claims from policyholders that pay them high premiums every month. Here are five of these technicalities (tricks) and how to combat them to avoid having your insurance claim denied.

Top Five Technicalities Used by Insurance Companies to Deny Claims

1. Moving or Changing Addresses

If you move or change addresses and fail to notify your insurance company, they can deny your claim. While this may seem weird since moving isn’t in any way connected to your car insurance, insurance companies have it in their contracts that they can deny your claim if you change addresses and don't notify them.

2. Buying a New Vehicle

If you buy a new vehicle or swapped your vehicle for another one, your insurer can technically deny your claim if you don't tell them about this purchase.

3. If Your Driver's License is Suspended

Of course, you shouldn't be driving if your driver's license is suspended. However, there may be some instances in which a driver might not know their driver's license is even suspended until they get pulled over for a traffic violation.

4. Failing to Report an Accident Within a Reasonable Time

In most cases, people who are wary of reporting an accident to their insurer are worried that their premiums might go up. However, if the insurance company finds out about the accident, it can deny the policyholder’s claim. They can also cite this technicality to avoid paying future claims.

5. Missing a Payment

If you miss one payment, they can deny all claims even if you start making payments again. Your insurer doesn’t have to let you make up those payments and notify you about the issue. It doesn't matter if you miss payments – insurance companies use this technicality all the time to deny legitimate insurance claims.

How to Combat Sneaky Insurance Tricks

Insurance companies are sneaky and will take advantage of the abovementioned technicalities to deny legitimate insurance claims. Remember that their business is all about the bottom line and the mighty dollar. If they can make more money off you, then they will. But you can try and fight their unfair and sneaky tactics. 

You can prevent a denial by notifying your insurance company about all the things that must be notified. Notify your insurer when you move and change your address, if you buy any new vehicles, and when you get into an accident. Your premium may or may not go up, but at least they're going to know you did not cause the accident, and your insurer can document it and move forward.

Reading all your auto insurance documents and contracts will also help you avoid a denial in the future due to technicalities. Additionally, you can always ask your insurer for a refund if you have been paying all your dues on time. Put the pressure on them to give you money one way or the other. Most of the time, insurers would rather pay for a claim than give a refund.

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